Imperial Youth Review is a magazine of gore, grit
big ideas, bad ideas and liberation at any cost.

It is the Anti-New Yorker, blessed by the Scarlet Woman
and dancing by voodoo drums to the end of love.

Garrett Cook and Chris Kelso present the eldritch and the unorthodox,
the transgressive and the wrong. Imperial Youth Review, that’s what.

RRP: £8.99
Our price: £8.00



As well as being a kickass magazine, Imperial Youth Review is also a kickass blog. The two entities are separate but intertwined. There are some people who contribute to both and some who don’t. If they’re on the site, we think they do good work. And whatever they post is uncensored, because we believe in these people and think vetting contributors over content is an interesting model for the blog. The magazine is still edited and submissions based, but the bloggers have carte blanche and that’s the way we like it. We like ’em to be free. Like the awesome content they give you. So show them some love, buy their projects, get ’em a beer or a handjob. They’re good people and we like ’em.

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