7 Cats You Knew Back When You Were Free

You remember cats right? Smaller than most people, only angry sometimes? You get the picture. These are the cats. The kitties from the dawn of our lives. From when truth and beauty flowed through us as though it were the will of nature. As flame creates ash, they have left us. These are their stories.

1 Small Cat!

small cat

This size deficient feline once ate all the grapes before the big party. Back then the abyss was a feared result in life, rather than the home it is today. Thankfully this little guy gave you a memory to retrieve into oblivion, in the wake of your endless string of disappointments.

2 Other Cat With Two Eyes!

other cat with tow eyes

There are cats, and there are other cats. This other cat once chose to meow at you even though you were sad. Keep your chin up! The future may be hell, but the beauty of the past is limited only by your capacity for dishonesty.

3 Ear Protection Cat!

ear protection cat

Some cats are extremely sensitive to noise. This guy clever kitty took care of that. He was a real boon at the loud parties you imagine having enjoyed. He was a great ice breaker back when strangers were friends you hadn’t met yet, as opposed to hurtful people with knives.

4 Cat Who Likes Hugging!

cat who likes hugging

This cat was a runner up in the Nicest Cat Ever Pageant. Back then such frivolous events were an unquestioned part of life, rather than time stolen from your impossible list of obligations. Remember this moment of innocence. It may just keep you sane as the decades steal your remaining joys.

5 Professor Cat!

professor cat

This cat was a comical send up of the difference between the appearance of knowledge, and actually knowing stuff. However, as you progressed through the educational process you found that distinction was less clear than you anticipated. The questions you held remain unanswered. The educated people around you seemed more interested in converting the appearance of knowledge into different forms of capital. Looks like this cat had it all figured out, with way less hassle! Not to worry, you can always look back on this kitty and remember a time when your problems were going to be resolved.

6 Firefighter Cat!

firefighter cat

Cute and protective. This kitty had it all. This cat’s engaged visage once made you feel like the danger inevitable in your fragile existence could be dealt with in a pleasant way. After your uncle survived a house fire you had to reconsider. They can pull you out of the flame, but saving a life does not make it worth living.

7 Your First Cat!

[Insert first cat pic here]

This cat was likely born before you. Their paw gently touched your infant face, when you made them uncomfortable. Their wails joined your own, when a caretaker was late with a meal. Their purring taught you the importance of the gentle touch. Through the cavernous isolation of infancy, they were your companion in wandering, looking, hunting and yelling. As you grew up roles shifted and you began to care for their needs. You had your chance to repay their companionship, and now they are gone. If tears come, cherish them. Store them in a little vial as a memento from the time you could feel!

For more cat facts and stories check out Catness and the Angry Dome in 2017!

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