Rucksack Revolution Launched On IndieGoGo!

Greetings, Imperial Youth peeps!

FOR YEARS you have heard me squawking and supported my delusions. Now one of my dreams is possibly in the making. My project, Rucksack Revolution launched on IndieGoGo today and I’m already getting responses to my press releases along with a couple contributors within the first couple of hours. I’ve talked about it on here before and everything you need to know is on the page, so I’ll cut this short.

Rucksack Revolution


Check it out at this link (or just click the picture)!

Thanks for any and all support with this. I appreciate you even reading this post. Even if you can’t contribute to such a project, if you could boost its signal you’d be an incredible help. Share it on Facebook, tweet it, G+ it, blog it, join my reddit AMA, submit a press release (to any news organization), interview me, and staple flyers to people. I would be forever grateful for anything you do. It’s going to be one long month for me!

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