Watching Pornography

You are home alone. You sit on your couch with your laptop, watching porn online. Your girlfriend who is hot enough to be in a porn but not hot enough to star in a porn is at work. You are safe from her judging eyes. You are calm. You are aroused. You are aroused because you are stroking your penis. You watch a man and woman on screen, they make awkward flirtations that escalate into tongueing and getting naked far more quickly than you have ever experienced in your own life.

You stare at her tits. The tits are round and large, and they remind you of baby heads. You do not know why you thought of baby heads but you quickly shake that image from your head and refocus on the video. It is a fairly high production for porn, they did a decent job making the set look like a college-aged woman’s bedroom, instead of the basement of the director’s great aunt’s house as one commenter pointed out. You vaguely remember a plot. Chastity is back home for spring break, her parents are out running errands, the pool cleaner shows up, sex ensues.

You continue staring at Chastity’s body as the camera moves to a point-of-view shot of her blowing the pool cleaner on her bed. Her eyes look up at him and it is as if she is looking at you. You blush. You are not sure why you do, this is a pre-recorded image you are watching. She cannot see you blushing.

Your masturbation suddenly feels really good, better than usual. You look down to see what your hand is doing so you can remember to do it again next time. You are no longer masturbating. Instead, Chastity is kneeling on your living room rug giving you a blowjob. You are surprised, but grateful you did not have to go through any awkward flirtations to get here. She is staring into your eyes. You are staring back. She sucks rapidly and you close your eyes. You reopen them and you are sitting on Chastity’s bed. She is still sucking. Her long blond hair obscures her face. You reach out your hand and pull her hair aside. She looks up at you and it is your great aunt Ginny.

Your aunt Ginny was very religious and vehemently opposed to sex of any kind. She has been dead since you were twelve. She stops sucking and smiles up at you. You open your mouth to scream but a ball gag flies into it and straps to your face. Tentacles burst from the mattress, flip you over, and hold you down to the bed. Aunt Ginny wipes her mouth and begins rubbing her clitoris. It grows 12 inches long, 3 inches wide, and ends in a point. She stares hungrily at your asshole.

You are no longer aroused. You are no longer aroused because you are being anally penetrated by your dead aunt’s clitoris. A spotlight flashes on you. A wall of the bedroom recedes to show a stage audience watching and clapping. The audience is made up entirely of every school teacher that ever gave you a failing grade, and every woman you went home to bed with but never called back like you promised you would. Your Aunt Ginny pulls out of your asshole and the tentacles flip you over on your back.

“Are you ready for the money shot,” she asks.

You are most definitely not ready, but assume her question was rhetorical. The spotlight rises up into a dark abyss that has replaced the ceiling. The audience is chanting “MO-NEY SHOT! MO-NEY SHOT! MO-NEY SHOT!” as a giant penis descends from the abyss. The penis is the size of a stretch limousine. You know this because you did a paper on the differences in vehicular aerodynamics by length for a college Physics class you failed.

The penis is detached and appears to hover over you, but you recognize whose it is immediately. You think back to grade school, and that bully Mikey who would hold you down in the boy’s bathroom and slap your face with his penis. The penis laughs, it is Mikey’s machine gun hehehehehehe in all its high-pitched nefariousness.

“Ooo, fuck yeah!” Aunt Ginny screams. “Yes, yes, don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Mikey’s penis squeaks, “I’m… gonna… CUM!”

You promise to whoever you hope is listening in on your thoughts that if you somehow survive this you will re-enroll in school and have flowers delivered to Aunt Ginny’s grave twice a week for the rest of your life. Mikey’s penis’s tip reddens a bit more, enlarges ever just so, and unloads a backyard swimming pool amount of ejaculate all over you, your Aunt Ginny, the room, and the audience.

You are back on the couch. You are still home alone. Chastity is licking the cum off her tits and thanking the pool cleaner. You look down and inspect the sticky mess in your lap. You give the video a three-and-a-half star rating and shut off the laptop.

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