Daily Thoughts and Other Shannigans

You just turned right onto McKinney Street and hope for all green lights from the short distance between here & the entrance ramp to I-391. You just pulled off your  favorite scam: ‘lifting 19 dollars & 64 cents worth of makeup from the second aisle of one grocery store only to return the stolen merchandise to the store’s competitor up the street for plain cash; all that’s required is valid I.D.


You add the pocketchange to the remaining forty bucks of yesterday’ paycheck that rests in the right pocket of your (also stolen) Adidas sweatpants and think, “That’ll get me at least a bundle, probably twelve bags, depending on the spot,” and you intuitively understand that means trekking through the destitute alleyways of Adams Street on the southside of this demoralized city. You steer your decimated ’05 Dodge Neon onto the entrance ramp of the highway, praying telepathically for…

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