Daily Thoughts and Other Shannigans

As a music enthusiast, constantly searching for the hottest new music available (be it alternative rock, pop, metal, or hip hop), I listened to Jay-Z proclaim to the world, “I guess I got my swagger back” at the beginning of his song “All I Need” from his chart-topping album “The Blueprint”. It only took a few times of hearing that particular song, along with those of many other rap artists, before my Bachelors of Arts in English got the better of me and I began to wonder, “What is swagger anyway?”


I knew that in modern culture, swagger simply means the way that one presents him/herself to the world via their fashion, talk and overall demeanor in the hippest, trendiest style currently available and marketed by popular culture. Urbandictionary.com confirms my instincts on the Americanized meaning of the word “swagger,” offering such definitions as: “to move with confidence, sophistication…

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