Imperial Youth Review Issue 1 Contributor Interview: Garrett Cook asks Nikki Guerlain 7 Questions

1.Favorite soup.

Egg Flower. I am also fairly partial to Cheesy Tomato soup. I love cheese.


2.How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?

It’s a very seductive thing for me, the process of creating beauty, all the beautiful minds and experiences that become part of who I am are some sort of wonderful, inevitable fallout from trying to make myself and my world the most beautiful place it can be. I am merely a byproduct of this process. In short, it works for me. You know, much more preferable to merely being some moistened bint with a hungry gob.

3.Who are you and what do you do?

I’m just a girl who likes to play. I like to play whether it’s with words or food or paint or dolls or music… I have a real hard time being super serious. I mean, unless someone is dying or seriously injured … it all seems funny to me … life cracks me up. That said, when I get requests for serious, dark non-funny stories, I go all balls out. It’s such an extreme thing for me … either life is ridiculously funny or it’s dead serious … no middle ground … I think my fiction reflects that. Fun and funny is my main mode and the rest …my serious stories… are extremely stark.

4.What brings you to the place where you write the grotesque? I love how your work deals with it unabashedly.

I’ve always been attracted to the strange and fantastic. I bore easily. I need constant stimulation. There needs to be some kind of mystery or weirdness or “otherness” there for me to mentally stick around with anything, including my writing. One of the reasons I’m such a freak for The X-Files is because creators did a great job at changing things up, keeping things weird, and for the most part, staying away from boring, mundane domesticity. Everyone in the cast was in some way intriguing and extremely attractive in a non-typical sense.


5. What are your feelings on Imperial Youth Review and being in Issue 1? Any favorite pieces?

When I heard about IYR I was extremely excited about the idea of it being a quality magazine with a sort of anti-New Yorker platform. I actually read The New Yorker on a semi-regular basis. It’s a quality magazine albeit pretentious and limited. I am really happy with how IYR came out and proud to have my writing in the first issue. All of the writing is quality and the physical magazine is beautiful and eclectic. As far as favorite pieces … they are all so good, I would have to say that my overall favorite aspect of the first IYR was sheer variety of writing and art. It’s pretty amazing.

6. What are you doing now? What’s your next project?

I just finished some minor edits on a story called “Children of the Wetlands.” This story will appear in a Booked. Podcast Charity anthology edited by Pela Via which will be out in a couple/few months. I’m pretty excited about this. The guys at Booked. are amazing and so is Pela Via and all the other amazing writers involved in this project.

I have a couple more pieces coming out this year.  I have a flash fiction story called “The Hot House” which will be in Doghorn’s Women Writing Weird 2 anthology edited by Deb Hoag. Which is awesome because I’m pretty in love with everyone I’ve dealt with at Doghorn … which, of course, also publishes IYR.

I also have a song that’ll be opening CopelandValley’s David Tibet/Current 93 tribute anthology Mighty in Sorrow. The song is called “Smoke Winding through Petrichor.” I’m over the moon about my piece opening the anthology which should be out around August. Jordan Krall is the editor on that project. Jordan is awesome. Like me, he has a hard time taking anything too seriously except for the craft, of course.

Currently, I’m working a screenplay I’m co-writing with Ramsey Moore called Sitting with the Dead. With any luck, big things will be happening with this and in the meantime I’m also very slowly working on a few stories for my Two Dudes story collection Machine Gun Vacation which will be out sometime this year via Thunderdome Press.

On the non-writing side of things, I pretty much put my writing on hold for a few weeks to visit my family and do a bit of home remodeling and just now got back to it. I also just finished rereading Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I have a feeling that once I get through the writing projects in front of me I’m going to dive into writing science fiction for a bit.

7. Write me a haiku about an experience with Vince Kramer, Bradley Sands or both.

I decided to write a Haiku about Kramer because of our shared love of playing with dolls and reptiles. Vince will do anything for a laugh. Even if it’s showing off the iguana jizz dripping down the front of his shirt.  This last year at BizarroCon I had one of Vince’s plushy raccoon dolls stuffed between my breasts all night the first night of the Con. Anyhoo … without further adieu …Vince Kramer’s Haiku:


Vince. Creamy. Flanneled.

Lizard loaded sex doll tyke

Marshmallow hugs goo

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