Imperial Youth Review Contributor Interviews: Garrett Cook asks Steve Aylett 7 Questions

1. Favorite soup.

A: Some sort of Thai thing with green spices.


2. How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?

A: I think their limb articulation is smoother, the joint cartilage being oiled with the tears of the innocent rather than the raw lard you and I use.


3. Who are you and what do you do?

A: I write books nobody can read unscathed.


[EDITOR’s NOTE: Steve Aylett was asked to provide a photograph. He did not. So I have substituted this photoessay on the Viking god Thor instead]

4. How did you get involved in comics?

A: I think the first thing was The Caterer, a spin-off from my book LINT, then there was Tom Strong, Johnny Viable, Mayor Nimble and Get That Thing Away From Me.


5. What do you think of Issue 1 of Imperial Youth Review? Do you have any favorite pieces?

A: I like ‘Banishton’ by Tim Lucas, and that turning the pages takes a minimum of brute force. I didn’t have to rig up a compound pulley or any of that nonsense. 


6. What are your current and future projects?

A: A big comic, two books and then I’m done.


7. What career advice would The Caterer have for me and Imperial Youth Review?

A: Jack Marsden would say you were fooling yourself, that the sort of front-loading gall required to continue will blast your eyes and chin out of alignment. But I consider that’s a small price to pay for the precocious fun in store and chin be damned. 

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