Imperial Youth Review Issue 1 Contributor interview: Garrett Cook asks Nick Mamatas 7 questions

1. Favorite soup.

I like black lentil soup.

2.How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?

Given the beautiful people I know, it’s great. They do seem nervous that their star will fade, and it always does.
3. Who are you and what do you do?

I am a writer of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, but I am retiring to do crime fiction and “innovative” fiction.


4.How did your collaboration with Don Webb come about?

Don read my novel MOVE UNDER GROUND, which is a Lovecraft/Kerouac pastiche, and contacted me with the idea to collaborate on a novel. As he was a stranger to me (though I loved his work) I suggested a short story instead, one we could aim for the ultimately stillborn anthology CTHULU 2012 that Mythos Books was planning. After that anthology fell to dust, we shopped it around for a bit and ultimately sent it to you.
5.What are your feelings about being part of Imperial Youth Review Issue 1? What are your favorite pieces from Issue 1?

I love IYR; it is the sort of zine I used to crave in the early 1990s, when writing was a daydream. I liked the essay and the comic the best.

6.What are you up to right now? What’s the next project?

I have two novels coming out this year-my “Barfly” zombie novel THE LAST WEEKEND and my noir (with a hint of the supernatural) LOVE IS THE LAW.

7. HP Lovecraft and Jules Verne are in a Tai Chi tournament. Who wins and why?

Jules Verne, as he spent his youth navigating rivers. Standing in a rocking boat is good for one’s root.



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