The Dream I Had Last Night

Last night in a dream, I was walking through a dark city, neon everywhere. It felt like a combination of  Boston and Chicago. I was with my friend Joshua Brown from my hometown and Mykle Hansen, the author of Help! A Bear is Eating Me. They kept on walking ahead of me and I couldn’t keep up because I was limping. The leg injury that had put me in a wheelchair for half my senior year of high school was acting up. 

A few streets in, they faded from sight and I saw a sad old man in a wheelchair looking at me with horror and pity in his  eyes. My heart froze. I didn’t feel like I could move until I heard Josh and Mykle call out “Come on1” So in spite of the limp, I picked up the pace. Soon they were in sight, ascending the stairs to Harvard  Square station to catch a train. 

As I came down the stairs, I saw them running for the train and I ran, then suddenly made a gigantic leap, then for a few feet, I took flight until I reached the train. I sat down beside them and told them that I had just learned the secret to flying.

A cynical young man leaning against a pole laughed at me.

“So what?” he said, “Flying is nothing. Your heroes will never walk again.”

And I got up, got in his face. “So we teach them, asshole.”

And then I woke up.

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