“Dirty Work”


Evening, dawn. The might hunter returns from the sky, to the sky. Orion- mighty hunter.  Fear his sword. His..sword. “I’m sorry,” she laughs. “His sword. That’s fucking ridiculous.”

I love her. So much. I’d eat her pussy all day long, all night strong. I’d wear her like a hat. The mighty hunter returns from the sky- Orion, iron-thewed, hair shorn like a rough barbarian- business up front, pleasure in the back.  Liquor up front, poker in the rear.

“Yes please.”

Orion’s snake dangles from his belt and wraps cock-like around his leg, past the bald patch on his calf where the harness boots he usually wears rub the hair off, past his ankle, with a hiss, to the top of his British Knights.


The mighty hunter spits out the nicotine patch he has been chewing and within moments seems to blur, to fade,  to recede from everyone’s vision as if his mere sober presence inflicts age and blepharitis on everyone around him. Personally, I am glad he is gone. I am not much for competition.  The ladies love bad boys- well, the good ladies do. The bad ones love weak-ass punks like me.

“More fuel for the fire, eh, captain?”

I woke up, we were spooning. Her pale pale arm drapes over my shoulder and across my chest. She doesn’t move. She has had a hard day. I have too. I am finally getting used to this neighborhood- the stuccoed walls, completely transparent to noise. The smell of caremelizing onions. Prickling insects on the wind.



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