The magazine of the Scarlet Woman and the toppled tower is one of a profoundly apocalyptic bent. Chris and I sought to create a publication blessed by Shiva and ready to change everything it touches. So, I  thought it might be appropriate to share with you folks some of my more occult, religious, apocalyptic and esoteric works.

First, I’d like to draw your attention to my free echapbook Heresy and Hearsay. These ten pieces all show a different perspective on faith and the origins and the end of days. It is once again free, so go ahead and download it.  You can do so here.


And secondly, I’d like to bring up  The Pserpent Psalms. 108 pieces of poetry, flash fiction and occultism written over three days often in ecstatic trance. There’s plenty of mysticism, blasphemy and fun to be had. And it only costs 1.08, a penny per story. You can get it here for just over a dollar.

Lastly, those of you who sign up for the Online Bizarro Writing Workshop I’m teaching with J. David Osborne by Christmas, you’ll get as a free gift of my early paranoid Bizarro novella Murderland part 1: h8 among other things.  Find out how to sign up here

Happy end times!.

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