Greetings from the Editors

Good evening or morning or afternoon, world. This is Garrett Cook, proud to announce a new development in this publication that should be pleasing to readers and authors alike. Imperial Youth Review is a magazine of transgression and liberation, a magazine where authors can say and do and think what they want without fear of the Hand of God coming down and muffling them. Our contributors make bold choices and we do too. One such choice is this blog. I want to show you the kind of creativity and wild abandon our handpicked band of geniuses by giving them a space to rant, promote, graffiti, destroy and play. Before you even open up the covers of this magazine, you can take a look at this blog and see just how special the magazine and the writers, artists and perverts within are. Contributors, show your stuff. Do what you want. Enjoy this permanent open mic.


Chris Kelso here, welcome to our creative web space. Don’t bother wiping yer feet at the door, we’d rather you traipsed it in with you. Come join the Imperial Youths in their own back-yard sandpits – after all, the grand overlord Leviathon gave us the internet to enjoy, so go enjoy it already!

Share, create, abominate, fornicate, celebrate…

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